Friday, September 4, 2009

My Summer Vacation by Elizabeth Smith, Secondary Education Representative

I’d like to share how I spent part of my summer teaching English at a summer school in Yakutsk, Russia for two weeks...

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Larissa Olesova, Past President of Yakut TESOL

E-Teacher Courses 2009-2010 Nominations from Yakut TESOL

Yakut TESOL has nominated the following members to E-Teacher 2009-2010 through English Language Office (US Embassy in Moscow):

Building Teaching Skills through the Interactive Web - Lidiya Scrybina (Yakutsk Calssic Gymnasiym)
Critical Thinking in the EFL Curriculum - Alexandra Popova (Pedagogical College of Yakutsk)
English for Specific Purposes Best Practices - Eugeniya Yadrikhinskaya (YSU)
English as a Foreign Language Assessment -Elena Zakharova (YSU)
Survey of Best Practices in TESOL - Irina Ptitsina (YSU)
Developing EFL Literacy through Project-Based Learning - Zarmena Emelyanova (YSU)
Teaching English to Young Learners - Vera Semenova (IPKRO)

Yakut TESOL nominees are responsible for conducting training sessions for members of Yakut TESOL upon completion the courses in 2009-2010. The first training sessions through Yakut TESOL is coming in May, 2010. We wish good luck to our nominees and keep our fingers crossed!

Larissa Olesova, Past President of Yakut TESOL