Sunday, July 3, 2011

Yakut TESOL Conference 2011

Yakut TESOL Conference of 2011 is being held in Yakutsk July 3-4, 2011. Christine Coombe, TESOL President is visiting us. More than 80 teachers from different schools and areas of Yakutia are attending this great event. All participants will receive certificates signed by two presidents: Christine Coombe, TESOL President and Natalya Alexeeva, Yakut TESOL President.
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Friday, May 6, 2011

Yakut TESOL Summer Events 2011

Yakut TESOL has great news on summer events and for next academic year:

1. As a part of partnership with TexTESOLV, Yakut TESOL will host Jey Venkatesan from Collin College, Dallas, TX and her daughter Sambavi Venkatesan between May 19 and May 31. Jey will teach adults including Yakut TESOL members, college students, and anyone interested in improving writing, grammar and prepare for IELTS. Feel free to contact 36-61-82 to sign up for the workshops. Sambavi will teach young learners and please feel free to register your students and children to English Summer Camp for Young Learners at 36-61-82.

2. Great news! TESOL President Christine Coombe will visit us on July 1-2, 2011. Thanks ELO Russia for help and support of this unique visit. Christine will visit Yakut TESOL after the NATE Conference in Kaliningrad. Please check on more details by calling 36-61-82.

3. Another great news! Yakut TESOL with Department of Foreign Languages in Technical and Natural Sciences of North-Eastern Federal University will host a Fulbright English Teaching Asssistant starting in September 2011. This will be one year visit. The English Teaching Assistant will teach at the Department of Foreign Languages in Technical and Natural Sciences, at City Classical Gymnasium and Republican Lyceum. Feel free to invite English Assistant to your classes as well. Please send all inquiries to 36-61-82.

Larisa Olesova
Past President of Yakut TESOL

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Shaping the Way We Teach English

A reminder to please join us on February 16th for Webinar #8 on English for Specific Purposes (ESP) with Jennifer Rice from University of Oregon. Jennifer is an instructor in the ESP online E-Teacher Scholarship course:
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Leslie Opp-Beckman, Author of "Shaping the Way We Teach English"
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