Monday, January 19, 2009

The News from TexTESOLV

Global Partners:Yakut TESOL and TexTESOL V

What does a Russian region settled by Cossacks in the early 17th century have in common with a region settled in Texas in the 19th century by cattlemen? Well, there are several parallels, including a dependence on horses for livelihood and survival. Then there’s the centuries-old struggle against extreme temperatures, albeit opposite extremes. The most recent connection, however, is a formal agreement between the TESOL affiliates of the two regions to work together for mutual benefit.If you like to travel to exotic destinations, if you take pleasure in the cultural enrichment of working with professionals from different cultures, if you enjoy collaborative lessons connecting students and teachers around the world, or if you have an appreciation for engaging professional development, then you should read on to see how you can personally benefit from and contribute to this new partnership.A formal signing in Yakutsk on July 14, 2008 cemented the partnership between Yakut TESOL and TexTESOL V. Don Weasenforth’s (Immediate Past President of TexTESOL V) representation of TexTESOL V at the 2008 Yakut TESOL Summer Institute represented an initial step in fulfilling the agreement, and Larissa Olesova’s (Immediate Past President of Yakut TESOL) attendance at the 2008 TexTESOL State Conference will strengthen our burgeoning relationship. Review the agreement and consider how you might get involved:
Donate books to the Sakha State University English teacher training library.
Integrate a Web-based collaborative project in your courses, connecting your students with students in Yakutia. Yakutia teachers of all levels of instruction—elementary through higher education—are available for collaborative projects.
Establish a student or teacher exchange with Yakutia schools, colleges, institutes, or universities.
Contribute to teacher training at future summer institutes in Yakutsk. If you are interested in these opportunities or have other ideas of how to support the partnership, contact Don Weasenforth at 972-881-5970 or

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