Thursday, July 22, 2010

My Trip To Maya by Jayme Lynch

Photo: Jayme Lynch (center) with children
Jayme Lynch shares her impression about her staying in Maya village

Photo: Jayme Lynch is teaching
Since I have been in Maya Village, Yakutia, Russia, I have had the pleasure of meeting some of the world’s kindest people. They have been extremely inviting, helpful, and interesting. I couldn’t have picked a better place for my first overseas teaching experience. I have been invited here to help with the students continue to learn the English language and along the way I have learned a great deal from the students as well. I have learned that no matter the conditions of your learning environment, the amount of money you have, or the materials you have or do not have do not determine one’s passion for learning. The children here have a love for knowledge and truly thrive on it.

Photo: Jayme Lynch in class
Their English is growing each day and will continue to grow the more they practice and improve it. The teachers have many roles in their job; they are educators, caretakers, researchers, planners, actors, role models, and so much more to their students. They have one of the most difficult but rewarding jobs there is and I am extremely honored to be working with them. My stay here is almost complete and I am sad to leave all of the wonderful food, culture, and friends I have made during my stay in the Maya Village. I wish them the best with their English and their educational futures.

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